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Please complete the form below to request participation in the ParkerStore Advantage Program for your ParkerStore locations. Only ONE form is required per Distributor. Use the "Participating ParkerStore Locations" section to select each location that should be considered for the program.

The Advantage Administrator will be the central contact point to receive the Advantage award information for all locations and will be responsible for managing ParkerStore Advantage Credit allocations for enrolled locations through the Impact site. ** Please note that the Advantage Administrator will need a PHconnect ID and should registered for the ParkerStore Impact site ( **

Advantage Administrator:

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Participating ParkerStore Locations:

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Please review all information for accuracy before submitting your ParkerStore Advantage form. In order to be eligible for the Advantage, each ParkerStore location must comply with the following minimum standards:
1. Your store is actively reporting Point of Sale (POS) data on a consistent basis.
2. You are in compliance with or have opted into the ParkerStore Exterior Signage program to become compliant.
3. You do not display or merchandise competitive product (where Parker has equivalent product) in the retail store space.
4. Your store operates at least 8 hours a day and remains open during lunch.

If your store(s) becomes noncompliant on any of the above standards, GRO reserves the right to suspend or cancel your remaining Advantage funds.

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